Online Class Etiquette

Ireland Tamil recommends following guidelines to have effective Online Class.

  • The classes will be conducted via Google meet for the academic year 2020/2021 
  • Please refer the school calendar for classes, assessment days and Holidays.
  • The class duration is 1.5 hours. 
  •  Please help your child to attend the classes on time and help them with an initial set up of your PC/Laptops/Tablets & ipads. Please try to avoid mobile phones as the screen is small and your calls/texts/whatsapp messages will distract them.
  •  Parents should join the given google meet link 5 minutes prior to the class and help the student with the audio and video setup, if required.
  • ITA suggests the parents should leave the room and create a school ambience to the children. But some small children may need parent’s help throughout the class which is absolutely fine.
  • The student should have their camera on to the entire time and please show them to mute and unmute the audio.
  • Teacher will allow 5 min restroom breaks during the class, better to keep a bottle of water with them. ( ITA suggesting good practices but if a student needs to use restroom they can inform the teacher and go at any time).